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Administration & Faculty

2 Timothy 1:9 NASB


"...who has saved us and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace which was granted us in Christ Jesus from all eternity..."

  Name Title Contact
Raeann Abalos Abalos, Raeann Teacher
Brooke Adams-Ferguson Adams-Ferguson, Brooke Lunch Assistant 928-726-3086
Yadira Becks Becks, Yadira
Sarah Burris Burris, Sarah 1st Grade Teacher 928-726-3086
Susanna Campbell Campbell, Susanna Kindergarten Teacher 928-726-3086
Rachell Cheuvront Cheuvront, Rachell 1st Semester Lions' Den Coordinator
Jennifer Coleman Coleman, Jennifer Administrative Assistant 928-726-3086
Lani Cook Cook, Lani 3rd - 5th Instructional Aide 928-726-3086
Margaret Fenske Fenske, Margaret Orchestra Instructor 928-726-3086
Kyla Giroux Giroux, Kyla Administrative Assistant
Brittani Ibarra Ibarra, Brittani 8th Grade /Jr High History Teacher 928-726-3086
Brittney King King, Brittney Secretary
Sarah Lanning Lanning, Sarah 3rd Grade Teacher 928-726-3086
Tiffany Laughlin Laughlin, Tiffany 6th Grade/Jr High Math Teacher 928-726-3086
Amanda Levy Levy, Amanda 5th Grade Teacher
Laurie Mondragon Mondragon, Laurie Jr. High Art Teacher 928-726-3086
Sara Morales Morales, Sara 2nd Grade Teacher
Kelly Pearse Pearse, Kelly Teacher
Leah Pulsifer Pulsifer, Leah Teacher
Cindy Straka Straka, Cindy 2nd Grade Teacher 928-726-3086
Viridiana Tabora Tabora, Viridiana Lunch Coordinator 928-726-3086
Ashley Trent Trent, Ashley Jr.High Aide
Michelle Wiley Wiley, Michelle 7th Grade/Jr High English Teacher
Stacia Winfield Winfield, Stacia Athletic Director
Chris Wright Wright, Chris Band Instructor 928-726-3086