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Administration & Faculty

2 Timothy 1:9 NASB


"...who has saved us and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace which was granted us in Christ Jesus from all eternity..."

  Name Title Contact
Brooke Adams-Ferguson Adams-Ferguson, Brooke Lunch Assistant 928-726-3086
Tara Banegas Banegas, Tara Recess Aide
Spencer Becker Becker, Spencer 7th Grade/Jr High English Teacher
Sarah Burris Burris, Sarah 1st Grade Teacher 928-726-3086
Susanna Campbell Campbell, Susanna Kindergarten Teacher 928-726-3086
Jennifer Coleman Coleman, Jennifer Administrative Assistant 928-726-3086
Lani Cook Cook, Lani 3rd - 5th Aide 928-329-1936
Crystal Fell Fell, Crystal Computer Teacher/Athletic Director 928-726-3086
Tom Fell Fell, Tom Teacher 928-726-3086
Margaret Fenske Fenske, Margaret Orchestra Instructor 928-726-3086
Michelle Hamilton Hamilton, Michelle 4th Grade Teacher 928-726-3086
Brittani Ibarra Ibarra, Brittani 7th Grade /Jr High History Teacher 928-726-3086
Sarah Lanning Lanning, Sarah 3rd Grade Teacher 928-726-3086
Tiffany Laughlin Laughlin, Tiffany 6th Grade/Jr High Math Teacher 928-726-3086
Wendy Leiker Leiker, Wendy Lions' Den Coordinator 928-782-3611
Amanda Levy Levy, Amanda 5th Grade Teacher
Ana Medina Medina, Ana Aide/Elem. Art Teacher 928-726-3086
Laurie Mondragon Mondragon, Laurie Jr. High Art Teacher 928-726-3086
Tonya Owens Owens, Tonya 3rd Grade Teacher
Stacie Price Price, Stacie 1st Grade Teacher 928-726-3086
Sarah Scudder Scudder, Sarah
Deborah Stewart Stewart, Deborah Administrator 928-726-3086
Cindy Straka Straka, Cindy 2nd Grade Teacher 928-726-3086
Sherri Swift Swift, Sherri School Secretary 928-726-3086
Viridiana Tabora Tabora, Viridiana Lunch Coordinator 928-726-3086
Ashley Trent Trent, Ashley Jr.High Aide
Crystal Verrall Verrall, Crystal 2nd Grade Teacher 928-726-3086
Chardee Watowich Watowich, Chardee 8th Grade/Jr High Science Teacher 928-726-3086
Stacia Winfield Winfield, Stacia Substitute Teacher / Accounting
Jacqueline Wort Wort, Jacqueline P.E. Teacher
Chris Wright Wright, Chris Band Instructor 928-726-3086