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Financial Aid


SWCS students have been blessed with tuition assistance from various school tuition and scholarship organizations.  Many families have been able to attend Southwestern Christian School due to their generous help and support.  These organizations accept applications for review and then determine how best to assist families in meeting their tuition requirements.  You can check out each organization and its selection process by selecting the link below.  Each organization has different requirements and deadlines.  It is important to read over their application requirements and scheduled disbursement dates.  If you have any questions, please contact our office for assistance.

Many of these scholarships would not be available without the generous donations from those who believe and support the ministry of Southwestern Christian School.  If you agree with the important work of this ministry, we would invite you to consider making a donation to one of the tax-credit organizations listed.  As a donor, you will receive a dollar-for-dollar write-off on your Arizona taxes.  Donations made by or before December 31 may also be itemized on your federal taxes under charitable contributions.  Donations can be made up to April 15 for the previous tax year but then are not eligible to be listed as a charitable contribution on your federal taxes.  Please contact your tax preparer for more detailed information and how this deduction may benefit your family.

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